Who are we?

Talking Stethoscope is one of the best medical education provider and we are completely dedicated in serving students of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ) at every stage. May it be MBBS professional exams or MBBS exit exam or PG medical entrance preparation or any other kind of medical education, we are always there to help the budding doctors realize their dream of becoming "the best" in their field.

What is the need for MBBS tuitions?

"To be a doctor is a matter of pride,

But getting there may not be an easy ride"

That’s why we are providing tutoring for all MBBS subjects under the following modules:

  • Anatomy MBBS and Medical tuitions
  • Physiology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Biochemistry MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Pathology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Microbiology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Pharmacology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Forensic Medicine MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Community Medicine MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Ophthalmology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Medicine MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Surgery MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Pediatrics MBBS and Medical tuitions,
  • Orthopedics MBBS and Medical tuitions

Where are MBBS tuitions conducted?

At talking stethoscope ,MBBS tuitions are conducted in various modes

MBBS Home tuitions: Students can avail quality medical education at the comfort of their house.

Online personal classesWorld class e-class rooms equipped with quality microphones, white board software, and interactive power point make our online medical tutorial experience as good as our personal classes.

Online group Classes Having competition within the class is always good, while staying at the comfort of your house or in your hostel room; you can still compete with your peers from other colleges across India.  The quizzes and polls conducted during classes make the experience even more awesome.

Class room MBBS tuitionsRestricting the number of students to a maximum of 25 per batch and peaceful and well equipped acoustic class rooms, qualified staff with engaging teaching styles , altogether  a perfect combination for the best medical tutorials. (Class room MBBS tuitions -Currently available only at Hyderabad location) .

What are other educational services Talking Stethoscope provides for MBBS students?

We offer PG medical entrance coaching for NEET PG aspirants and also FMGE coaching for foreign medical graduates.

What all locations does Talking Stethoscope provides MBBS tuitions?

We provide MBBS tuitions in Hyderabad –home tuitions, online clasess and group classes for MBBS students pan India.

What is the average time taken for teaching MBBS subjects?

  • It usually takes 25 classes per paper for class room teaching.
  • However we provide a customized schedule based on the medical/MBBS student’s ability.

What is the duration for PG entrance coaching?

Duration for PG entrance coaching varies from 6 months to 1 year based on MBBS student whether they need a fast track batch or regular batch.

What is the fee for MBBS tuitions per subject?

For any MBBS tution enquiry you can mail us at  whitethoughts2016@gmail.com

Or you can contact us on 9704834649

What other benefits can we avail ?

  • We provide customized notes/material for each subject.
  • We provide mcq’s test daily and weekly through our Talking Stethoscope NEET PG app.
  • We provide Mnemonics for all the topics, Flash cards, One liners ,
  • 6 am to 11pm support is provided on Call , Whatsapp , E-mail, Skype.
  • "We bridge the gap between understanding and memorising by
  • BEST video explanations for each topic"